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Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals

So what makes Virginia Beach vacation rentals so appealing to the vacationing family? First of all, Virginia Beach has been named one of the top beach destinations in the U.S. by tripadvisor. Virginia Beach has the number one rated boardwalk in America. There are a host of elements which contribute to the perfect vacation. From the destination we select, to the home we share and the events and activities experienced, Virginia Beach delivers the perfect combination! A great vacation starts with the destination!


Virginia Beach is located on the Mid Atlantic coast within driving range of several states making it accessible to tourists from a large portion of the U.S. and Canada. With an international airport close by, visitors from around the globe come to Virginia Beach for the perfect escape. Boasting an almost limitless range of family oriented attractions and activities, Virginia Beach is well suited for vacationers of all ages. If your family is looking for an active vacation to appeal to a variety of interests, then Virginia Beach is the perfect “go to” family vacation destination.

So what defines the perfect Virginia Beach vacation rentals home? Location is certainly a big factor. Lets take a look at the options in Virginia Beach. Virginia Beach vacation rentals are available in a number of areas surrounding the Virginia Beach boardwalk. The boardwalk is the central feature of the Resort with shops, restaurants and entertainment venues with planned activities for each week of the summer vacation rental season. Virginia Beach vacation rentals locations include the Oceanfront Resort Beach, Croatan Beach, North End Beach, and Sandbridge Beach.


The Oceanfront Resort Beach District is the area directly surrounding the Virginia Beach Boardwalk for four blocks off the ocean from 1st street to 40th street. If your family is planning on an active vacation and desires immediate access to dining, shops, entertainment and events this is where you want to stay. With a myriad of off beach activities such as mini-golf, and the full range of on beach activities with professional lifeguards, the Resort Beach may be perfect for you! Virginia Beach vacation rentals such as Atlantic Breeze located three blocks from the boardwalk adjacent to the ViBe Creative District and three blocks from the Virginia Beach Convention Center provides walkable access to all beach activities, events and entertainment.


Croatan Beach, while public, offers some privacy. Virginia Beach vacation rentals such as Atlantic Paradise, a luxury oceanfront vacation rental home, are far more limited on this beach. The north end of Croatan, where this particular home is located, has no public parking and therefore far fewer beachgoers to contend with. Croatan beach has professional lifeguards keeping watch. That said, Atlantic Paradise is still in close proximity to the boardwalk offering the best of both worlds – private exclusivity coupled with activity accessibility. Croatan is located just south of 1st Street which is adjacent to Rudee Inlet, the Virginia Beach Fishing Center and Marina where all of the tour boats, jet skis, and paddleboard rentals are located.

Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals located in Virginia Beach, Virginia is an owner managed vacation rental home company who knows the guests come first.

Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals

“I will never forget the smiles on my children’s faces!”


The North End Beach begins where the boardwalk ends at 40th street and runs north to 82nd Street. While not far from the boardwalk in some instances, the North End offers rental homes mixed in with private residences. Parking is limited and offers a mix of older cottages and newer duplexes. Rental homes are typically located within three blocks of the oceanfront. The beach is much deeper at the North End so be prepared with sandals to traverse the sand to the ocean.


Sandbridge Beach is located 30-45 minutes south of Virginia Beach proper depending on traffic. The vacation experience at Sandbridge Beach is more similar to the Outer Banks, N.C. It is more remote with less access to dining, shops, events and activities.  If you are looking to lounge on the beach and watch the seagulls with limited access to activities, then Sandbridge may be right for you. Be sure to pack in plenty of groceries as there are no restaurants nearby. Sandbridge is low lying and adjacent to a sound so it is conducive to flooding in tropical storm conditions.

Whether your are looking for an activity rich location or to getting off the grid to decompress, Virginia Beach has a setting for everyone!

Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals

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When you book a vacation home for the following year at time of departure, you know you have found the perfect family vacation home. When deciding on Virginia Beach vacation rentals, there are several factors that play into finding an ideal fit. Location is important. Is the home located direct oceanfront or convenient to local attractions? Will the room configuration of a particular home suit the needs of my family members? Does the home provide amenities so I can travel with less stuff? These are some of the important questions to answer in advance of placing a reservation. Once the perfect vacation rental home is found less time is needed to plan for your future vacations in Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach vacation rentals should offer great interior spaces for family gatherings, a private retreat dining, playing and sleeping. A kitchen complete with all the necessities provides total flexibility from preparing gourmet meals to quick mid-day snacks for the beach. A key benefit of renting a home vs. a hotel room is the kitchen and the huge savings on vacation food costs. The vacation rental home kitchen should make it fun to prepare family meals! Multiple refrigerators and ovens let you load up on goodies! Versatile appliances let you get creative with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Having basic condiments and spices makes vacation life more convenient.

Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals

“The sand between my toes is delightful!”

As for the home layout, the number and location of bedrooms lets you organize the extended family into groups. A bunk room for the cousins to share  is always a winner! A home theater, game rooms, gym equipment, movies, games and books can be a plus to round out the vacation day experience. A massage chair, chess table, pool table, foosball or air hockey are great ways to unwind inside after a long day on the beach.

Having outdoor spaces to sunbathe, swim or relax makes for a pleasant stay. Amenities such as a pool, hot tub, grill or outdoor shower can make the best of a sunny day! Beach toys, strollers and carts, chairs and umbrellas, bikes, boogie boards and surf boards on site give you options for a day on the beach without the hassle of packing or renting items.

Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals

“I laughed so hard spaghetti came out of my nose!”

Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals located in Virginia Beach, Virginia is an owner managed vacation rental home company who knows the guests come first.

Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals

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Virginia Beach vacation rentals afford limitless possibilities for your family vacation.  You can take the hassle out of your vacation stay by planning in advance to maximize your vacation week at the beach. From food to individual and group activities, having an itinerary is a great way to take the stress out of the vacation experience to please the entire family. A bit of up-front organization makes the get away more enjoyable. Let’s look at some of the many choices that may be made in advance of your arrival to jump start your vacation.


Bathing suits – at least two

Beach towels – two per person

Sunglasses for everyone

Sunscreen and aloe gel

Hats or bandanas

Flip flops or other beach shoes

Beach cover-ups/outfits

Fresh outfits for evening time

Hoodies/light jackets for cool nights

Two coolers, one large and one small for beach

Beach umbrella

Large beach tote

Reading materials

MP3 players or smartphones with earbuds

Ziploc bags to waterproof items

Beach games and toys

Portable Radio

Frisbee, volleyball, football, paddleball

Body boards or floats

Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals located in Virginia Beach, Virginia is an owner managed vacation rental home company who knows the guests come first.


Let’s face it, having a kitchen and plenty of food on hand saves money and time. Consider making a preliminary plan to cover daily meals, beverages, and snacks. It’s easy enough to change course on the fly if you have the groceries on hand for flexibility. What are the family favorites for dinner? Snacks can be healthy or junk food so what should be in the pantry or refrigerator to nibble on during the day? A combination of perishable and non-perishable goods should be considered. What beverages are the kids favorites – and don’t forget the adults! Think about what snacks survive in the cooler for days on the sand. And, of course, what restaurant would the family enjoy for a special treat, because who doesn’t deserve a night out to dinner! Once you have made up your list of daily meals and snacks, why not have the groceries ordered or delivered. Stock your vacation home in advance or schedule your groceries for quick pick up to make it a snap! It’s a treat to show up for your vacation week and not have to spend unwanted time at the grocery store if plans can be made in advance.


Your vacation isn’t complete without memorable activities. Virginia Beach vacation rentals provide a huge diversity of activities. Sure, days on the beach with boogie boards, beach chairs and a cold drink lets the stress fade away and puts smiles on faces. That said, there are many activities available, some free and some for a fee, to appeal to either groups or individuals of all ages. From renting an ocean kayak or paddle board during the day to mini-golf after dinner there are many ways to engage the family in laughter and fun! Check out the local activities in Virginia Beach and plan a couple in advance or just plant the seeds.

Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals

“Watching the dolphins patrol the coast was awesome!”


Virginia Beach has a rich history. There are several attractions right on the boardwalk and others nearby to visit during your Virginia Beach vacation. Walk the boardwalk and check out the many monuments in tribute to our proud heritage. Climb the steps of a famous lighthouse for breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay. Who says learning can’t be fun. Visit a nearby aircraft carrier in Norfolk or spend an afternoon in Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown (the historic triangle) and turn a day of fun into an educational experience as well.

Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals

“We cried for the freedom they gave us!”


Virginia Beach vacation rentals can be planned around the many weekly events held on the boardwalk during the summer. Find what is happening during your planned vacation stay. From cultural events to a full array of topics, Virginia Beach pulls out all the stops to round out the season with fantastic events. Cultural events include The Latin Festival and Funkfest. Painting, sculpture, arts and crafts, jewelry, accessories and custom clothing items are all available to see and purchase from talented artists at the Boardwalk Art Show held twice each summer. If you are a beer or wine lover then don’t miss out on the Craft Beer Festivals and Wine Festivals to sample beverages from local and regional producers.

Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals

“The parade was a blast!”


Free nightly entertainment is a hallmark of Virginia Beach! Beach Street USA organizes and presents shows at boardwalk venues and along Pacific Avenue. Performances range from magic to comedy, puppet shows to juggling, acrobatics to music of all genres. Music is available nightly at several venues on the boardwalk. Stop by 8th street  17th street, 24th street, 31st street on the boardwalk and see what’s happening! The American Music Festival is the blowout musical event of the summer season with headliner bands from around the globe.

Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals

“I can’t believe I saw my favorite 70’s band!”

Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals located in Virginia Beach, Virginia is an owner managed vacation rental home company who knows the guests come first.

So in summary, a little planning goes a long way to deliver a well-rounded family vacation full of promise! Don’t sweat it! Get out ahead of your vacation stay by planning an itinerary and coordinating some family and individual activities prior to your arrival. Create a vacation planning checklist to prioritize what matters most for your family vacation.


Virginia Beach vacation rentals are best for delivering this! You know…the bottom line of a great vacation experience is unwinding from the daily grind of work and responsibility. An annual summer holiday lets the mind unwind and the body loosen up. Reset by relaxation on the beach…after all it’s why you chose to travel to the coast. Relaxing in the sun and recharging some vitamin D does wonders for the soul. Watching the kids play in the surf is therapeutic for all! Building sandcastles is a perfect way to bring parents and children closer for memories that will last long after the tide washes castles away. Smiles, laughter and happiness is what family vacations are truly about.

Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals

“I finally read a fantastic novel!”

Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals

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Who says a family road trip can’t be a blast? Make your family road trip the start of your vacation the moment you jump in the car by planning ahead! A journey by car can be fun and entertaining. Create meaningful distractions for kids of all ages with games, videos and music. For younger kids, memorable road games could include I spy, the license plate game, road trip bingo scavenger hunt, 20 questions or trivia. Magnetic games and sketch pads are perfect items to put in the backpack in the back seats! 

Obviously, age diverse movies keep kids focused and less fidgety. Fun snacks you may not allow at home can make the trip something to look forward to. Watch the liquid intake and check your travel route in advance to identify the many state provided rest areas along our interstates. What ideas do you have that will make the road trip a new and enjoyable event for your family?

Many families caravan with multiple cars so how does that fit into the picture? Maybe mix up the family members to create conversations and bonding for your drive. A bit of effort in planning will get your vacation jump started from the moment your vehicle hits the highway. The ride home should be another moment to remember – in a good way. Salt water taffy for the ride home is a family favorite and a yummy reminder of your beach destination! A simple road trip checklist may turn your long drive into a sight to see!

Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals located in Virginia Beach, Virginia is an owner managed vacation rental home company who knows the guests come first.


Virginia Beach vacation rentals promise family memories of a lifetime. It’s no wonder so many families come back to Virginia Beach year after year! It would be impossible to live the beach life in one week, but over the years your family can certainly all live like the locals! So this is what life is all about, right?

Sand between the toes, bodysurfing, collecting sea shells to make a necklace at home, listening to the surf and feeling the ocean breeze. Remember to have the smart phone cameras flashing and capture wonderful moments in time. Fond memories exist in our minds for years to come. A family beach vacation is sure to be at the top of the list for best ever!

Our lives are short, but our memories are long. I still remember my summer vacation time going to the beach as a child. Crabbing with Grandpa, riding the double bike, a silly souvenir, Candy Kitchen, boardwalk amusements, body-surfing with my sister for hours on end, holding Grandma’s hand for a walk and talk, and best of all building a sandcastle with my mom and dad. What memories will your family create for your special vacation stay? Jump in!

Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals

“Body surfing makes me feel like a fish!”