Virginia Beach Vacation Boardwalk

The Virginia Beach Vacation Boardwalk, the longest boardwalk in America, is clean and pristine.

Experience the Memorials, Playgrounds and Sculptures

The Virginia Beach Vacation Boardwalk promises to entertain and educate. Along the way you will learn about the rich history of Virginia, our Military Aviation, Virginia Legends, and many other exhibits. Take away the storied history and richness of our past. The boardwalk runs from 1st street to 40th street along the oceanfront. Walk, run, bike or take the family on a surry ride. The boardwalk offers both a wide concrete walking path and a dedicated bike path too. See, touch, read, and participate in activities on your boardwalk journey. There is something for family members of all ages.

What a fantastic way for the entire family to learn about our rich heritage and storied history!

The Rudee Inlet and Grommet Island Playground at First Street

The boardwalk starts at first street adjacent to the Rudee Inlet. Rudee Inlet is where you find the charter tour boats, pirate ship, fishing charter boats and jet skis accessing the Atlantic Ocean.

Grommet Island is the southernmost beach playground on the boardwalk. This 15,000 square foot beach park features wheelchair accessible entrances and an incredible playground that includes poured-in-place surfacing, raised sand tables for sandcastle building at an accessible height, a sensory board for children who are autistic and visually impaired, and a sway boat.

The playground also boasts sculptural features such as dolphins, a surfboard, and a wave that are all fully accessible for children to pretend to ride the waves and swim with the dolphins. Wood polymer decking extends from the playground to accessible seating areas with an umbrella and hand-operated sand scoop designed to be used by a person in a wheelchair, allowing everyBODY to play in the sand.

My children had a great time climbing and interacting with Grommet Island. What a fun way to spend time on the beach!

JT Sculpture

The first of many beautifully detailed artistic sculptures on the boardwalk. A father and his sun, surfboards in hand, gaze out over the open ocean in search of the perfect wave.

The Virginia Beach Fishing Center at 5th Street

Located just off the boardwalk and walking path accessible, the Virginia Beach Fishing Center is home to the variety of watercraft to provide outdoor activities for tourists. The Rocket Boat, Fishing Charters, Tour Boats, Jet Skis, Paddleboards and Kayaks are all available for rental use.

6th Street Sea Turtles Sculpture is Larger than Life

Take a Picture with Your Kids…Be Creative!

8th Street Tropical Fish Sculpture

As if heading back out to sea, these colorful fish emerging from the ground are a great photo opportunity for the family album.

10th Street Pirate Ship Playground is a Kids Favorite!

Aye matey…climb aboard and batten down the hatches. We are headed out to sea.

My son still talks about playing on the pirate ship.

12th Street Atlantic Wildfowl Museum

The DeWitt Cottage and Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum is one the few remaining structures from the original days of the boardwalk. Come inside and experience wildfowl history, art and carvings of migratory waterfowl.

13th Street Virginia Legends Walk

Virginia Legends Walk’s purpose is to honor great Virginians, past and present, who have made significant contributions to our nation and the world. Take the walk and learn about the dozens of inductees from Virginia history. Legends are added annually.

I recognized so many names. I had no idea there were so many Legends from Virginia.

14th Street Virginia Beach Fishing Pier

A favorite for locals and visitors alike.

14th Street Atlantic Fun Park

Ride the Ferris Wheel at night and capture a spectacular view of the ocean and boardwalk. Play games, get exhilarated on rides and laugh with your children. Some of the best family memories are to be had at the Virginia Beach amusement park.

I’ve never seen my children laugh so much!

17th Street Park and Stage

Beach Street USA hosts a broad variety of events and performances at the 17th Street stage. From high wire acts, magic, and music your whole family is sure to remember the nightly performances held here. Grab a towel or lawn chair, sit back and enjoy to many shows.

18th Street Birds in Flight Sculpture

24th Street Paladium Park and Stage

Nightly performances and daytime special events happen here on the lawn.

24th Street Old Coast Guard Station

The Old Coast Guard Station and the Surf and Rescue Museum is located adjacent to the 24th street park and is an original architectural example form the start of the Virginia Beach Oceanfront Resort. The Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum honors and preserves the history of Virginia’s coastal communities and maritime heritage. The scope of the Station’s exhibits begins with the Virginia Beach Community and extends to subjects related to Virginia’s oceanfront, coastal and water related heritage.

25th Street Naval Aviation Monument Park

Learn about the history and importance of our Naval Aviation history through the many unique and detailed sculptural displays. This is the most comprehensive monument on the Virginia Beach boardwalk and will make you proud to be an American.

25 Street Norwegian Lady Memorial

The Norwegian Lady stands as a guardian to the memory of the rescue of a faltering ship on the shores of Virginia Beach. Come visit her and hear her story presented by live performers.

26th Street Conch Shell Sculpture

28th Street School of Fish Sculpture

29th Street Hermit Crabs Sculptures

31st Street Neptune Park and Stage

Participate in festivals, events and nightly music performances at this wonderful outdoor venue.

Nightly Music Performances

When there isn’t a major event scheduled for the large stage, you can catch some local musicians performing in a more intimate setting. Come listen in or dance the night away.

31st Street King Neptune Sculpture

The most dramatic and largest sculpture on the boardwalk is King Neptune. Come take your family vacation picture with the King!

33rd Street Dolphins Sculpture

It really hits home when I think about the profound effect these men and women have had on our lives.

35th Street Virginia Beach Law Enforcement Memorial

38th Street Hillier Ignite Fitness park

Get some open air cross training in while visiting the beach. The rings are fun for all ages!

38th Street Sand Castle Sculpture

Sand castles make us all feel young at heart. Take a picture with the kids.

Rent a Surry for a Unique Family Boardwalk Experience

You will find several places along the boardwalk that rent Surry’s by the hour.

38th Street Navy Seal Memorial

So many have fallen so we can stand

Our Navy Seals dedicate their lives tirelessly so that we may enjoy the our freedom and civil liberties. This monument stands to recognize how their contributions have enabled greatness in our own lives. Capt. Rick Woolard organized the construction of the monument with the Florida-based UDT/SEAL Museum Association with support from donations. He called forward retired SEALs and other supporters of the project to pour sand from around the world where SEALs have trained and fought into a “living beach” below the statue. We salute our heroes.

40th Street is the North end of the Virginia Beach Boardwalk

I hope you enjoyed our tour of the boardwalk and experience it firsthand on your Virginia Beach vacation!